KYC precautions Cbdc Mining apk

KYC precautions Cbdc Mining

In the process of KYC , be sure to comply with the following precautions to ensure your account security and asset guarantee:

KYC precautions Cbdc Mining

1 – Do not try to enter other contents: Please operate according to the detailed tutorials provided by us when KYC opens after the opening of KYC. Before that, do not try to input or bind other wallet addresses to avoid causing your asset loss or security risk.

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2 – Follow the latest developments: Continue to pay attention to our channel to obtain the latest and accurate CBDC tutorial content. We will release detailed guidelines and steps to ensure that you can successfully complete the KYC process and enjoy related services and rights.

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3 – Beware of fishing and fraud: Please note that we will provide KYC related information and links through formal channels. Please avoid clicking on suspicious links or providing personal sensitive information to any source of no verification. Protecting your personal privacy and security is always our primary task.

KYC precautions Cbdc Mining
KYC precautions Cbdc Mining

⚠ In protecting the privacy of users, CBDC Network does not set up any customer service staff, and any private chat users are scammers. Please beware of scammers to get your information.

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KYC precautions Cbdc Mining

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