CBDC lock lock tutorial precautions

CBDC lock lock tutorial precautions

Before performing CBDC locking, be sure to pay attention to the following matters to ensure the smooth completion of the locking process and enjoy the relevant rights:

CBDC lock lock tutorial precautions

1 – Complete the asset lock for the first time: You must lock all your assets when locking for the first time. This means that you need to specify the number you want to lock, rather than try to lock the number. Make sure you lock all assets when locking for the first time.

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2 – Automatically release rules: According to the locking mechanism, 10% of your locking number will automatically release to your wallet. Specifically, the number of your first coins to the exchange will be equal to the first lock -up number by 0.1. Please note that this is the first release of the rules.

3 – avoid locking a small amount of CBDC: Please do not try to lock a small amount of CBDC in any way. This will cause you to wait for 30 days to get the second release of CBDC. In order to avoid unnecessary waiting, it is recommended that you choose the appropriate amount when locking for the first time to avoid too small lock volume.

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4 – Vote community selection: If you vote for multiple communities, please note that when you complete the first lock, we strongly recommend that you choose one of the communities to lock in. This helps to manage and track your lock -up assets and ensure that you can obtain the corresponding rights and interests in accordance with regulations.

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Be sure to comply with the above precautions to ensure your smooth progress during the CBDC lock.

CBDC lock lock tutorial precautions
CBDC lock lock tutorial precautions

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